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Estimated value of punks owned: 15.62 ETH ($3,534.48 USD)

47 Punks Owned

Punk 1144Punk 1215Punk 1324Punk 1338Punk 1374Punk 1387Punk 1430Punk 1436Punk 1480Punk 1642Punk 1646Punk 2285Punk 2302Punk 2489Punk 2693Punk 2720Punk 2803Punk 2898Punk 3104Punk 3660Punk 3752Punk 3774Punk 3897Punk 3903Punk 4495Punk 4610Punk 4915Punk 5289Punk 5449Punk 5561Punk 5777Punk 5910Punk 5968Punk 6134Punk 6692Punk 7062Punk 7112Punk 7142Punk 7321Punk 7339Punk 7524Punk 7925Punk 8132Punk 8673Punk 8877Punk 9478Punk 9704

0.39 ETH ($87.45 USD) in 5 Bids For Punks Owned by this Account


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Punk 7142
Punk 5561
Punk 8877
Punk 1374
Punk 2898

0 in 0 Bids Placed by This Account

6.61 ETH ($1,495.80 USD) in 14 Punks Bought by This Account

Punk 1338Punk 1430Punk 1385Punk 1324Punk 1387Punk 8673Punk 1374Punk 4827Punk 2329Punk 3774Punk 6692Punk 9704Punk 7062Punk 2720

14.61 ETH ($3,305.66 USD) in 48 Punks Sold by This Account

Punk 1657Punk 1376Punk 4842Punk 4509Punk 8142Punk 2897Punk 2801Punk 1486Punk 3829Punk 1686Punk 4307Punk 5548Punk 7315Punk 7319Punk 7513Punk 8477Punk 4305Punk 1859Punk 5297Punk 8233Punk 5231Punk 6039Punk 9785Punk 7329Punk 6130Punk 5084Punk 5094Punk 8356Punk 5802Punk 5536Punk 2694Punk 2280Punk 1856Punk 5988Punk 3665Punk 7119Punk 3403Punk 4913Punk 6710Punk 4205Punk 4827Punk 1539Punk 1385Punk 1164Punk 1437Punk 4395Punk 5181Punk 2329
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