CryptoPunk 1374

One of 88 Zombie punks.


Big Shades
534 punks have this.
2458 punks have this.
Mohawk Dark
428 punks have this.

Current Market Status

Transaction History

Type From To Amount Txn
Sold 0x0f4023 0x03911f 1.40Ξ ($204.13) 0x5ad8beca
Bid 0x03911f 1.40Ξ ($204.13) 0xa36f1766
Offered 3Ξ ($437.43) 0x70079331
Offered 2.30Ξ ($335.36) 0xa1c2e4e3
Offered 2.50Ξ ($364.52) 0x08ed44d4
Offered 10Ξ ($1.46K) 0x86213d25
Offered 10Ξ ($1.46K) 0x073eb7e8
Bid 0x7760e0 0.04Ξ ($5.58) 0xd5ce044a
Offered 50Ξ ($7.29K) 0xd0d83148
Sold 0x00bd3a 0x0f4023 1.89Ξ ($275.58) 0x84c0c4b0
Offered 1.89Ξ ($275.58) 0x33be670d
Sold 0x5462de 0x00bd3a 1Ξ ($145.81) 0x26fdda9e
Bid 0x00bd3a 1Ξ ($145.81) 0x85d1532c
Bid Withdrawn 0x717403 0.05Ξ ($7.29) 0x89268e53
Bid 0x717403 0.05Ξ ($7.29) 0xaa9db67e
Claimed 0x5462de 0xf9cd7543

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