CryptoPunk 2329

One of 88 Zombie punks.


Peak Spike
302 punks have this.
2458 punks have this.

Current Market Status

Transaction History

Type From To Amount Txn
Bid 0x0a4eaf 3.50Ξ ($562.49) 0x7b476f57
Offered 6.40Ξ ($1.03K) 0xa87379f1
Bid Withdrawn 0xe8723d 2.60Ξ ($417.85) 0xd92f54fa
Bid 0xe8723d 2.60Ξ ($417.85) 0x07e3025a
Bid Withdrawn 0x7e5280 2.50Ξ ($401.78) 0x8ce013b8
Bid 0x7e5280 2.50Ξ ($401.78) 0x30f43ba4
Bid Withdrawn 0x7e5280 2Ξ ($321.42) 0x513ca687
Bid 0x7e5280 2Ξ ($321.42) 0xda6e8fc4
Offer Withdrawn 0x82ca3679
Bid 0x592a51 0.80Ξ ($128.57) 0x8e6620d1
Offered 1.85Ξ ($297.31) 0x5c4816fc
Sold 0x58164b 0x8e6621 0.52Ξ ($83.57) 0x6d7013a1
Bid 0x8e6621 0.52Ξ ($83.57) 0x1e668420
Bid Withdrawn 0xa0a59c 0.20Ξ ($32.14) 0x1720d52f
Bid 0xa0a59c 0.20Ξ ($32.14) 0xa2ee6ab5
Sold 0x0f4023 0x58164b 2.25Ξ ($361.60) 0x16c1eceb
Offered 2.25Ξ ($361.60) 0x7a9cde3c
Offered 5Ξ ($803.55) 0xbf071bc3
Offered 50Ξ ($8.04K) 0x701e4143
Sold 0xc5d739 0x0f4023 2.50Ξ ($401.78) 0xacd8a2f7
Offered 2.50Ξ ($401.78) 0xf05b3bef
Claimed 0xc5d739 0x776f3c84

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