CryptoPunk 2368

One of 3840 Female punks.


54 punks have this.
Purple Lipstick
654 punks have this.

Current Market Status

Transaction History

Type From To Amount Txn
Transfer 0xd8e806 0x052564 0x73dcc546
Offered 1.70Ξ ($315.37) 0x23ba5f6c
Offer Withdrawn 0xc0a8b34d
Offered 0.99Ξ ($183.65) 0x77e1358c
Bid Withdrawn 0xe8723d 0.25Ξ ($46.38) 0x5ecfe978
Bid 0xe8723d 0.25Ξ ($46.38) 0x54e962d5
Offered 0.75Ξ ($139.13) 0x1f130262
Offered 1Ξ ($185.51) 0x8937df19
Offered 1.30Ξ ($241.16) 0x9a2f837c
Offered 1.75Ξ ($324.64) 0xd894678d
Offered 2Ξ ($371.02) 0xce6585d0
Offered 2.25Ξ ($417.40) 0x5753dc58
Offered 2.25Ξ ($417.40) 0xa536d6ac
Offered 2.50Ξ ($463.77) 0x9e1a97bc
Offered 2.79Ξ ($517.57) 0x9dbe9aa6
Offer Withdrawn 0x634aa8bc
Offered 3Ξ ($556.53) 0xc00815c2
Offer Withdrawn 0xbbea8564
Offered 3Ξ ($556.53) 0xb587be99
Offer Withdrawn 0xfc8905b8
Offered 3Ξ ($556.53) 0xefba9eff
Offer Withdrawn 0x38eadbf9
Offered 3Ξ ($556.53) 0x52e37946
Offered 5Ξ ($927.55) 0x87bfc111
Offered 3.50Ξ ($649.28) 0x6d271b35
Sold 0xcc7c33 0xd8e806 2.29Ξ ($424.82) 0xfb67d0bc
Bid Withdrawn 0x00bd3a 0.80Ξ ($148.41) 0x0ef839d4
Offered 2.29Ξ ($424.82) 0x701039df
Bid 0x00bd3a 0.80Ξ ($148.41) 0x08aeba74
Claimed 0xcc7c33 0xc5eb3e12

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