CryptoPunk 2924

One of 24 Ape punks.


258 punks have this.

Current Market Status

Transaction History

Type From To Amount Txn
Bid Withdrawn 0xd387a6 4Ξ ($595) 0x75bdd23b
Bid 0xd387a6 4Ξ ($595) 0x1ae812ac
Bid Withdrawn 0x976b59 7.35Ξ ($1.09K) 0xf866f4b1
Bid 0x976b59 7.35Ξ ($1.09K) 0x3743ec92
Bid Withdrawn 0x976b59 6.60Ξ ($981.75) 0xb306eca0
Bid 0x976b59 6.60Ξ ($981.75) 0xc2a8ea16
Sold 0xd8e806 0x4dcaf3 7Ξ ($1.04K) 0x216ccb73
Offered 7Ξ ($1.04K) 0x4f104f45
Bid Withdrawn 0x4dcaf3 6Ξ ($892.50) 0xb814ee9d
Bid 0x4dcaf3 6Ξ ($892.50) 0x4a96bb53
Offered 8Ξ ($1.19K) 0xdcc78021
Bid Withdrawn 0x00bd3a 3.65Ξ ($542.94) 0x9c7f2cfa
Sold 0x01486c 0xd8e806 5Ξ ($743.75) 0xe8fcdc63
Bid 0x00bd3a 3.65Ξ ($542.94) 0xa82a38ae
Bid Withdrawn 0x00bd3a 3.25Ξ ($483.44) 0x72a23d3b
Bid 0x00bd3a 3.25Ξ ($483.44) 0x45c7435f
Offered 5Ξ ($743.75) 0x6c661f4f
Bid 0x7760e0 1.10Ξ ($163.63) 0x8b7fb5ca
Bid 0x6611fe 1.10Ξ ($163.62) 0xdf76cd2c
Bid 0x7760e0 1Ξ ($148.75) 0xbdb774a8
Bid 0x6b88ac 1Ξ ($148.75) 0x6bb6bbd1
Bid 0x717403 0.42Ξ ($62.48) 0xcc7cd8b4
Bid 0x6301ad 0.42Ξ ($62.48) 0xfc1ab822
Bid 0x717403 0.09Ξ ($12.64) 0x27da6ad8
Bid 0x6b88ac 0.08Ξ ($12.64) 0x1e5e914f
Claimed 0x01486c 0x6ca1e01f

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