CryptoPunk 3293

One of 3840 Female punks.


Wild White Hair
135 punks have this.
Hot Lipstick
695 punks have this.
2458 punks have this.
Nerd Glasses
571 punks have this.

Current Market Status

Transaction History

Type From To Amount Txn
Transfer 0xd8e806 0x052564 0xc8d533a4
Bid Withdrawn 0x8e6621 0.22Ξ ($32.65) 0x1c1804e1
Bid 0x8e6621 0.22Ξ ($32.65) 0x7730b16c
Offered 0.50Ξ ($74.20) 0xb31b8b6e
Bid Withdrawn 0xb18db6 0.15Ξ ($22.26) 0xf001eb8d
Offer Withdrawn 0x20b2f78d
Bid 0xb18db6 0.15Ξ ($22.26) 0x91d3155c
Offered 0.20Ξ ($29.68) 0x123dd039
Bid Withdrawn 0xe8723d 0.17Ξ ($25.23) 0xb8e779da
Bid 0xe8723d 0.17Ξ ($25.23) 0x6747727c
Offered 0.25Ξ ($37.10) 0x9e38b61b
Offered 0.30Ξ ($44.52) 0xf7b4dff0
Offered 0.35Ξ ($51.94) 0x754c12fc
Offered 0.38Ξ ($56.39) 0x976f4895
Offered 0.40Ξ ($59.36) 0x2e3d7660
Offered 0.45Ξ ($66.78) 0x32afaa98
Offered 0.50Ξ ($74.20) 0x55e873c5
Offered 0.55Ξ ($81.62) 0x791737b7
Offered 0.45Ξ ($66.78) 0x5c070f62
Offered 0.43Ξ ($63.81) 0x13a9db6e
Offer Withdrawn 0x4f6e8e62
Offered 0.55Ξ ($81.62) 0xd5a619e9
Offered 0.59Ξ ($87.56) 0x03fef936
Offer Withdrawn 0xaee40bf0
Offered 0.89Ξ ($132.08) 0xec15af64
Offer Withdrawn 0xdd733d1e
Offered 0.85Ξ ($126.14) 0x28d0218f
Sold 0xfb077c 0xd8e806 0.50Ξ ($74.20) 0x16d8d411
Offered 0.50Ξ ($74.20) 0x366ac812
Bid 0x7760e0 0.05Ξ ($7.57) 0xdaf1ac3c
Offered 1.50Ξ ($222.60) 0xfd6fc6ff
Claimed 0xfb077c 0x67a9693b

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