CryptoPunk 3355

One of 6039 Male punks.


Shadow Beard
525 punks have this.
Knitted Cap
418 punks have this.

Current Market Status

Transaction History

Type From To Amount Txn
Offered 0.49Ξ ($70.81) 0xf071d909
Sold 0x87e225 0x3ef5f4 0.35Ξ ($50.17) 0x9224c44e
Offered 0.35Ξ ($50.17) 0x4bf5963e
Bid Withdrawn 0x1e36a5 0.20Ξ ($28.67) 0xe4279a6c
Sold 0xc00c2b 0x87e225 0.25Ξ ($35.83) 0x352bacb5
Bid 0x1e36a5 0.20Ξ ($28.67) 0x7fafa943
Offered 0.25Ξ ($35.83) 0x7c0b317c
Bid Withdrawn 0xbcdb2b 0.29Ξ ($41.57) 0xb6cd05d1
Bid 0xbcdb2b 0.29Ξ ($41.57) 0x7a0a9700
Offered 0.34Ξ ($48.74) 0x7e96443e
Offered 0.38Ξ ($54.47) 0xa7e47c3c
Offered 0.43Ξ ($62.21) 0xea3ffa8a
Bid Withdrawn 0xdf6c54 0.30Ξ ($43) 0x08cedf67
Offered 0.46Ξ ($65.94) 0xfab5d6ae
Bid 0xdf6c54 0.30Ξ ($43) 0x88bc118f
Offered 0.45Ξ ($64.50) 0xeafc6c9e
Offered 0.95Ξ ($136.17) 0x1f67e171
Offered 2Ξ ($286.68) 0xa433e012
Offered 0.37Ξ ($53.04) 0x473ce390
Offered 0.25Ξ ($35.83) 0xc387a056
Offered 0.59Ξ ($84.57) 0x20be8fda
Offered 0.80Ξ ($114.67) 0x15fd5108
Bid 0x7760e0 0.03Ξ ($4.73) 0xd4bedecf
Bid 0x7a341c 0.03Ξ ($4.73) 0x4174c956
Claimed 0xc00c2b 0x5b2ee17f

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