CryptoPunk #3443


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Transaction History

Type From To Amount Txn
Bid 0x7760e0 5.26Ξ ($1,465.33) 0x6da15a78
Bid 0x7760e0 1.5Ξ ($418.24) 0xcbc79731
Bid 0x6611fe 1.5Ξ ($418.24) 0x2b8bf9c0
Bid 0xa0a59c 1.4Ξ ($390.36) 0xd7218d8e
Bid 0x7760e0 1.3Ξ ($362.48) 0xd1409aea
Bid 0xa0a59c 1.3Ξ ($362.48) 0xd51ad933
Bid 0x7760e0 1.05Ξ ($292.77) 0x080f4218
Bid 0xa0a59c 1.05Ξ ($292.77) 0xd6801f37
Bid 0x7760e0 1.01Ξ ($281.62) 0x78b0b337
Bid 0xa0a59c 1.01Ξ ($281.62) 0xc9d875db
Bid 0x7760e0 0.75Ξ ($209.12) 0x37269fb2
Bid 0xa0a59c 0.75Ξ ($209.12) 0x026f0649
Bid 0x7760e0 0.42Ξ ($117.11) 0x8baa8bbc
Bid 0xa0a59c 0.42Ξ ($117.11) 0xae25ce4e
Bid 0x7760e0 0.35Ξ ($97.59) 0x2114c038
Bid 0xa0a59c 0.35Ξ ($97.59) 0x61a33b61
Bid Withdrawn 0x5f7190 2Ξ ($557.66) 0x2d2cd155
Bid 0x5f7190 2Ξ ($557.66) 0xc9ab7b19
Bid 0x717403 2Ξ ($557.66) 0x431b95f7
Bid 0x5f7190 2Ξ ($557.66) 0xb1138569
Bid 0xa0a59c 0.36Ξ ($100.38) 0x1f8c5f2d
Bid 0x717403 0.35Ξ ($97.59) 0x7b4977a9
Bid 0xa0a59c 0.35Ξ ($97.59) 0x570bfe0b
Claimed 0x8884f2 0xa8120de6

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