CryptoPunk 5105

One of 3840 Female punks.


440 punks have this.
Clown Eyes Green
381 punks have this.
2458 punks have this.

Current Market Status

Transaction History

Type From To Amount Txn
Offered 1.60Ξ ($228.10) 0x3243a207
Offered 0.68Ξ ($96.94) 0x24ab6c62
Offered 0.75Ξ ($106.92) 0x84cd062c
Sold 0x4c7ca4 0x303052 0.28Ξ ($39.92) 0x4fd48270
Offered 0.28Ξ ($39.92) 0x629a61c0
Offered 0.28Ξ ($39.92) 0xd4e5aed2
Offered 0.50Ξ ($71.28) 0xb1f794d5
Offered 0.50Ξ ($71.28) 0x193d3df7
Transfer 0xc00c2b 0x4c7ca4 0xdc5fe907
Offered 2Ξ ($285.12) 0x119bc6e8
Offered 0.30Ξ ($42.77) 0x97d35df2
Offered 0.32Ξ ($45.62) 0x703fcb8b
Offered 0.66Ξ ($94.09) 0xf415642f
Offered 0.43Ξ ($61.30) 0x42d1613a
Offered 0.44Ξ ($62.73) 0xbb076c48
Offered 0.72Ξ ($102.64) 0x6362d61a
Sold 0x126619 0xc00c2b 0.28Ξ ($39.92) 0xb55a16b4
Bid 0xc00c2b 0.28Ξ ($39.92) 0x7ba1494f
Offered 0.60Ξ ($85.54) 0x30dfb23b
Bid 0xc00c2b 0.22Ξ ($31.36) 0xc2199b83
Bid 0x289d95 0.05Ξ ($7.13) 0x5d3d0ef9
Bid Withdrawn 0x22160e 0.29Ξ ($41.34) 0x9e33d937
Bid 0x22160e 0.29Ξ ($41.34) 0x57e88d45
Offer Withdrawn 0xe6ac388f
Offered 0.65Ξ ($92.66) 0x7af2579e
Bid 0x22160e 0.25Ξ ($35.64) 0xe6ba091c
Bid 0x22160e 0.10Ξ ($14.26) 0x0bd1c1e9
Claimed 0x126619 0x3e697e86

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