CryptoPunk 5106

One of 3840 Female punks.


643 punks have this.
Hot Lipstick
695 punks have this.
Classic Shades
501 punks have this.
Mohawk Dark
428 punks have this.

Current Market Status

Transaction History

Type From To Amount Txn
Bid Withdrawn 0xe80eb0 0.06Ξ ($8.57) 0x031e331f
Transfer 0xc4bdc1 0x7cb57b 0xfe3b16ef
Sold 0x126619 0xc4bdc1 0.13Ξ ($18.57) 0x309c5718
Bid 0xe80eb0 0.06Ξ ($8.57) 0x12c2d598
Offered 0.13Ξ ($18.57) 0x3968f422
Offered 0.13Ξ ($18.57) 0xf4b28848
Offer Withdrawn 0x87a060e4
Offered 0.26Ξ ($37.14) 0x8b90e2c5
Offer Withdrawn 0x0b1fd890
Offered 0.35Ξ ($49.99) 0x2ca38995
Offered 0.75Ξ ($107.12) 0x85ca973b
Bid Withdrawn 0xc00c2b 0.20Ξ ($28.57) 0xee14d544
Bid 0xc00c2b 0.20Ξ ($28.57) 0x749e8bb3
Bid Withdrawn 0x289d95 0.05Ξ ($7.14) 0xf53384f8
Bid 0x289d95 0.05Ξ ($7.14) 0x4b63defb
Bid Withdrawn 0x22160e 0.29Ξ ($41.42) 0x6e03051b
Bid 0x22160e 0.29Ξ ($41.42) 0x0c0d8e83
Offer Withdrawn 0x10e211ee
Bid Withdrawn 0x22160e 0.28Ξ ($39.99) 0x82111cdd
Bid 0x22160e 0.28Ξ ($39.99) 0x8d039ef7
Bid 0xa0a59c 0.15Ξ ($21.42) 0x2b005c58
Offered 0.34Ξ ($48.56) 0x07472067
Offered 0.30Ξ ($42.85) 0x929a085d
Bid 0x22160e 0.10Ξ ($14.28) 0xf91059ef
Bid Withdrawn 0x22160e 0.15Ξ ($21.42) 0xb237ef70
Bid 0x22160e 0.15Ξ ($21.42) 0xb6212273
Bid 0xa0a59c 0.15Ξ ($21.42) 0xad952b18
Bid 0x22160e 0.10Ξ ($14.28) 0xf8926a34
Claimed 0x126619 0x3e697e86

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