CryptoPunk 7028

One of 6039 Male punks.


Peak Spike
302 punks have this.
Front Beard Dark
259 punks have this.
2458 punks have this.

Current Market Status

Transaction History

Type From To Amount Txn
Bid Withdrawn 0x4b5008 0.06Ξ ($10.79) 0x658c347d
Bid 0x4b5008 0.06Ξ ($10.79) 0xc4aed2c8
Sold 0x005700 0x09bdf0 0.05Ξ ($8.99) 0x22e8231f
Offered 0.05Ξ ($8.99) 0x7135b897
Offered 0.08Ξ ($14.38) 0x13e095ae
Offered 0.09Ξ ($16.18) 0xde648728
Offered 0.10Ξ ($17.98) 0x1b20a70d
Offered 0.10Ξ ($17.98) 0x503c0351
Offered 0.20Ξ ($35.95) 0x5420fc57
Offered 0.25Ξ ($44.94) 0x07f0f008
Bid Withdrawn 0x43b89f 0.10Ξ ($17.98) 0x954fd3b1
Offered 0x43b89f 0.22Ξ ($39.55) 0xcfe4a7c8
Offered 0x43b89f 0.25Ξ ($44.94) 0x0c06d06e
Bid 0x43b89f 0.10Ξ ($17.98) 0x12492949
Offered 0.25Ξ ($44.94) 0x00661ecb
Offered 0.38Ξ ($68.31) 0x055e24df
Claimed 0x005700 0xb52d9d8c

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