CryptoPunk #9457


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Transaction History

Type From To Amount Txn
Transfer 0xd27e3f 0x7e5280 0x63d8bdb2
Transfer 0xff8414 0xd27e3f 0x617414b6
Bid 0x717403 0.35Ξ ($98.86) 0x404ca76e
Bid 0x6611fe 0.35Ξ ($98.86) 0x3f853bb0
Bid 0x7760e0 0.06Ξ ($16.95) 0xfc35ea0c
Bid 0x6611fe 0.06Ξ ($16.95) 0x4f9b72c2
Bid 0x717403 0.05Ξ ($14.12) 0x11bec0cb
Claimed 0xff8414 0xfa4995df

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