CryptoPunk 9999

One of 3839 Female punks.


440 punks have this.
Nerd Glasses
571 punks have this.

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Transaction History

Type From To Amount Txn
Bid 0x18cdd0 0.5Ξ ($59.70) 0x5999305b
Bid Withdrawn 0x43b89f 0.1Ξ ($11.94) 0xf9b8e2ae
Bid 0x43b89f 0.1Ξ ($11.94) 0x060c7215
Bid Withdrawn 0xa0a59c 1Ξ ($119.40) 0x875d3543
Transfer 0x7e2d1c 0x0a383e 0x57d8c90c
Offer Withdrawn 0x93678204
Offered 16.6Ξ ($1,982.04) 0xb3e1b3fc
Offer Withdrawn 0xd7616e01
Bid 0xa0a59c 1Ξ ($119.40) 0xe8fb9b31
Offered 222Ξ ($26,506.80) 0xa3ba248c
Offered 2222Ξ ($265,306.80) 0xcc640091
Offered 22222Ξ ($2,653,306.83) 0x0b8531a8
Offered 11111Ξ ($1,326,653.42) 0x2fde9aa6
Offered 10101Ξ ($1,206,059.42) 0xdebdfaa6
Offered 10007Ξ ($1,194,835.82) 0x235a4c4d
Bid Withdrawn 0x5f7190 2.13Ξ ($254.32) 0x2ac22cc1
Offered 10006Ξ ($1,194,716.42) 0x3d636eba
Offered 10005Ξ ($1,194,597.02) 0x6da3ce6f
Offered 10004Ξ ($1,194,477.62) 0x50b8be4d
Offered 10003Ξ ($1,194,358.22) 0x95a88ed1
Offered 10002Ξ ($1,194,238.82) 0x5f13e36e
Offered 10001Ξ ($1,194,119.42) 0x1cab4c24
Offer Withdrawn 0x32b2c759
Bid 0x5f7190 2.13Ξ ($254.32) 0x371a4ef9
Offered 10000Ξ ($1,194,000.00) 0x6dcc89aa
Bid 0x22160e 0.9Ξ ($107.46) 0x06eed7ce
Offer Withdrawn 0xbf177c36
Offered 999123Ξ ($119,295,287.72) 0xdfacbb44
Offer Withdrawn 0x0e405412
Offered 5.13Ξ ($612.96) 0x6e3a6f19
Offer Withdrawn 0x77068cb7
Offered 2.13Ξ ($254.76) 0xf11673b2
Bid 0xa0a59c 0.7Ξ ($83.58) 0x50057c5b
Bid 0x7760e0 0.25Ξ ($29.85) 0x4974d93e
Bid 0xa0a59c 0.25Ξ ($29.85) 0xee9da149
Bid 0x717403 0.2Ξ ($23.88) 0x12f9f778
Bid 0x6301ad 0.2Ξ ($23.88) 0x205b42cd
Bid 0x5b098b 0.15Ξ ($18.39) 0xfa448c6a
Claimed 0x7e2d1c 0x6d94dac6

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