CryptoPunks Market

We had a bug in the original CryptoPunks contract that caused the funds to be allocated to the buyer instead of the seller when a purchase was made. In other words, a buyer was immediately refunded for their purchase and was able to keep the punk. We have made a new contract that reverses all those sales and resets ownership back to how it was before those sales happened, on a punk-by-punk basis.

If you previously purchased a punk, be sure to call the withdraw function on the old contract. This will return to you all the funds you spent on punks in the old contract. You can then stop watching the old contract and move on to the new contract.

As well as fixing the bug, we've added a feature to the new contract. You can now bid on punks. Note that you must put up the ether when you bid, and it is held by the contract. If the seller accepts the bid, then they get the funds and you get the punk. If somebody bids higher on the same punk, then your bid is revoked. You can call withdraw to retrieve your bid amount. If you want to withdraw a bid you placed earlier, you can call withdrawBidForPunk, which will remove your bid and refund your ether in one step.


I want the punk that I bought! Can I still get it for the same price I got it before?
Most of the sellers that we talked to are keen to the honor the sales on the previous contract. So place a bid for the same amount (in ETH) as before and see if they accept!


Somebody transferred a punk to me, but now it belongs to somebody else! What happened?
There should only be a handful of cases like this. What has happened is that somebody had previously bought that punk, then transferred it to you. Send us an email and we'll try to get things sorted out.


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