Road Trip

The endless driving game that ends badly.

Imagine you are driving cross country and your gas pedal gets stuck - you can't slow down. Sure it's dangerous, but you're making great time! Now imagine that while driving a golf cart, or towing a bunch of sheep in a wagon, or driving a big rig with a bunch of poorly secured boxes on board. That's basically Road Trip.

Tons of Vehicles

You start the game in your standard family roadster with luggage on the roof. As you cover miles and pick up coins you'll have the chance to earn all sorts of new vehicles. The game currently has 32, and we've got a list of probably 40 more we'd like to add.

Realistic Crashes

While you're driving everything is nice and arcade-y, but as soon as you crash things get real. All the physics of tires, steering, flips, and explosions are accurately simulated. Sheep fall off wagons, corpses fly out of hearses, gas trucks explode and people try to get out of vehicles to make it to safety. Spoiler alert: no one makes it to safety.

How to Get It

Road Trip is available on iOS and Android. Head to the Road Trip product page to get it!