10,000 unique collectible characters with proof of ownership stored on the Ethereum blockchain. The project that inspired the modern CryptoArt movement. Selected press and appearances include Mashable, CNBC, The Financial Times, Bloomberg, MarketWatch, The Paris Review, Salon, The Outline, BreakerMag, Christie's of London, Art|Basel, The PBS NewsHour, The New York Times in 2018 and again in 2021. The Cryptopunks are one of the earliest examples of a "Non-Fungible Token" on Ethereum, and were inspiration for the ERC-721 standard that powers most digital art and collectibles.

The CryptoPunks are 10,000 uniquely generated characters. No two are exactly alike, and each one of them can be officially owned by a single person on the Ethereum blockchain. Originally, they could be claimed for free by anybody with an Ethereum wallet, but all 10,000 were quickly claimed. Now they must be purchased from someone via the marketplace that's also embedded in the blockchain. Via this market you can buy, bid on, and offer punks for sale. Below, you'll find information about the status of each Punk in the market. Punks with a blue background are not for sale and have no current bids. Punks with a red background are available for sale by their owner. Finally, punks with a purple background have an active bid on them.

See the marketplace instructions below to acquire your very own punk. You should also join the Discord Chat, which includes a bot that announces all bids, offers and sales in realtime.

Overall Stats

Current Lowest Price Punk Available
50.99 ETH ($94,171.39 USD)
Number of Sales (Last 12 Months)
Total Value of All Sales (Lifetime)
1.01MΞ ($2.58B)
Value of Sales (24 Hours)
154.50Ξ ($285.65K)
Value of Sales (Week)
1.24KΞ ($2.31M)
Value of Sales (4 Weeks)
4.9KΞ ($8.96M)

Largest Sales
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Punk 5822
8KΞ ($23.7M)
Feb 12, 2022
Punk 7804
4.2KΞ ($7.57M)
Mar 11, 2021
Punk 3100
4.2KΞ ($7.58M)
Mar 11, 2021
Punk 2924
3.3KΞ ($4.45M)
Sep 28, 2022
Punk 4156
2.69KΞ ($3.31M)
Jul 15, 2022
Punk 5577
2.5KΞ ($7.7M)
Feb 09, 2022
Punk 4464
2.5KΞ ($2.6M)
Jul 12, 2022
Punk 4156
2.5KΞ ($10.26M)
Dec 09, 2021
Punk 5217
2.25KΞ ($5.45M)
Jul 30, 2021
Punk 8857
2KΞ ($6.63M)
Sep 11, 2021
Punk 2140
1.6KΞ ($3.76M)
Jul 30, 2021
Punk 7252
1.6KΞ ($5.33M)
Aug 24, 2021

Recent Transactions
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Punk 5377
New bid of 55Ξ ($101,577)
Punk 9714
Transferred to 0x8c66c6
Punk 9714
Bought for 50.50Ξ ($93,266)
Punk 0286
Bought for 54Ξ ($99,730)
Punk 4741
Offered for 52.69Ξ ($97,311)
Punk 0286
Offered for 54Ξ ($99,730)
Punk 7982
Offered for 53.50Ξ ($98,807)
Punk 4960
Offered for 59Ξ ($108,965)
Punk 7982
New bid of 50Ξ ($92,343)
Punk 9714
New bid of 50Ξ ($92,343)
Punk 9714
Bought for 50Ξ ($92,343)
Punk 9528
Offered for 63Ξ ($116,352)

For Sale

The lowest price punk currently for sale is 50.99 ETH ($94,171.39 USD).
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Punk 7354Punk 4775Punk 5803Punk 4741Punk 7982Punk 5433Punk 2834Punk 8611Punk 3485Punk 2309Punk 1096Punk 1322Punk 6561Punk 4065Punk 6121Punk 6161Punk 9127Punk 5728Punk 6828Punk 6853Punk 5174Punk 2450Punk 5817Punk 5100Punk 4467Punk 6948Punk 1347Punk 4338Punk 4420Punk 7264Punk 8924Punk 3718Punk 1283Punk 1840Punk 4960Punk 3624Punk 8615Punk 2876Punk 3607Punk 3865Punk 6584Punk 7789Punk 1400Punk 9362Punk 3228Punk 7003Punk 1900Punk 3121Punk 6920Punk 9567Punk 4317Punk 5152Punk 1589Punk 3193Punk 4179Punk 4342Punk 7341Punk 8635Punk 9594Punk 5540Punk 4538Punk 9881Punk 2917Punk 4952Punk 6877Punk 8154Punk 9528Punk 2266Punk 2296Punk 2075Punk 2638Punk 2927Punk 3005Punk 5580Punk 4973Punk 7912Punk 0570Punk 1500Punk 2689Punk 3138Punk 3305Punk 3534Punk 4067Punk 4969Punk 5739Punk 6679Punk 7029Punk 7552Punk 7840Punk 8624Punk 0447Punk 3400Punk 9499Punk 1533Punk 2220Punk 5278Punk 5831Punk 8608Punk 5460Punk 8398Punk 8705Punk 9390Punk 4480Punk 1753Punk 1360Punk 3042Punk 3492Punk 3845Punk 9255Punk 9293


The average bid over the last year was 91.18 ETH ($168,391.71 USD).
The average currently open bid is 1.32 ETH ($2,441.03 USD).
Total value of all current bids is 774.53 ETH ($1,430,442.34 USD).
Showing most recent bids, click here to see all 586.

Punk 9893Punk 9109Punk 0776Punk 3138Punk 3865Punk 5377Punk 3794Punk 7982Punk 4949Punk 0088Punk 3348Punk 4156Punk 5578Punk 0005Punk 1290Punk 4932Punk 2216Punk 0165Punk 3092Punk 5186Punk 7822Punk 2482Punk 6437Punk 2547Punk 2280Punk 3665Punk 3156Punk 0051Punk 0045Punk 4640Punk 6963Punk 8780Punk 0014Punk 4577Punk 4677Punk 5524Punk 3176Punk 5719Punk 9832Punk 0635Punk 1257Punk 1492Punk 3556Punk 3758Punk 8364Punk 8425Punk 9553Punk 1055Punk 9803Punk 0105Punk 0738Punk 0789Punk 7010Punk 0122Punk 0798Punk 6663Punk 9454Punk 1998Punk 0860Punk 5277Punk 5454Punk 0187Punk 4314Punk 2644Punk 0048Punk 0076Punk 0414Punk 0795Punk 1170Punk 1293Punk 3343Punk 4759Punk 4967Punk 7395Punk 7441Punk 9047Punk 1380Punk 6348Punk 6796Punk 0110Punk 1132Punk 3135Punk 8910Punk 4832Punk 8390Punk 1228Punk 1694Punk 6378Punk 6908Punk 7296Punk 0318Punk 1718Punk 1812Punk 2011Punk 2300Punk 2491Punk 2711Punk 3857Punk 3883Punk 4310Punk 4459Punk 4834Punk 5217Punk 5396Punk 5408Punk 5646Punk 5905Punk 6120Punk 6276Punk 6653


The average sale price of a punk over the last year is 399.59 ETH ($737,980.84 USD).
The total value of punks sold over the last year is 212,308.93 ETH ($392,104,870.62 USD).
Showing most recent sales, click here to see all 23,920.

Punk 9714Punk 0286Punk 9714Punk 5426Punk 9146Punk 3580Punk 2506Punk 4021Punk 9926Punk 8187Punk 1287Punk 4478Punk 8849Punk 3841Punk 1663Punk 1741Punk 7513Punk 4624Punk 8535Punk 4108Punk 8539Punk 1462Punk 7335Punk 2769Punk 7209Punk 6658Punk 6447Punk 7354Punk 5271Punk 3913Punk 8419Punk 7100Punk 9609Punk 6106Punk 2946Punk 5311Punk 3913Punk 2905Punk 4651Punk 4651Punk 6263Punk 1101Punk 6106Punk 6567Punk 6697Punk 9662Punk 4680Punk 5041Punk 4845Punk 8659Punk 3990Punk 7557Punk 4841Punk 4000Punk 1693Punk 7751Punk 2381Punk 1424Punk 0845Punk 7770Punk 5661Punk 7912Punk 2927Punk 3091Punk 7100Punk 8019Punk 1424Punk 1398Punk 7702Punk 8188Punk 8511Punk 7672Punk 8043Punk 2978Punk 1232Punk 9026Punk 5969Punk 2409Punk 4480Punk 1112Punk 6051Punk 6121Punk 1630Punk 2300Punk 9491Punk 0235Punk 9550Punk 2650Punk 7400Punk 8955Punk 4223Punk 0376Punk 2535Punk 7207Punk 8457Punk 9284Punk 6435Punk 4797Punk 1112Punk 7526Punk 9981Punk 4658Punk 4666Punk 5270Punk 6920Punk 4448Punk 1833Punk 5166Punk 9475Punk 2233


798 punks are "wrapped" for sale on ERC-721 markets, see for more details.
Showing by punk number, click here to see all wrapped punks or view them on OpenSea.

Punk 0173Punk 0239Punk 0318Punk 0342Punk 0349Punk 0352Punk 0402Punk 0431Punk 0488Punk 0489Punk 0547Punk 0628Punk 0644Punk 0669Punk 0675Punk 0680Punk 0717Punk 0729Punk 0750Punk 0880Punk 0927Punk 0940Punk 0952Punk 0974Punk 0983Punk 1012Punk 1035Punk 1048Punk 1054Punk 1068Punk 1071Punk 1103Punk 1110Punk 1117Punk 1140Punk 1141Punk 1149Punk 1165Punk 1166Punk 1167Punk 1209Punk 1223Punk 1228Punk 1235Punk 1246Punk 1247Punk 1278Punk 1288Punk 1306Punk 1313Punk 1342Punk 1358Punk 1364Punk 1366Punk 1372Punk 1384Punk 1393Punk 1405Punk 1417Punk 1426Punk 1441Punk 1442Punk 1470Punk 1471Punk 1473Punk 1482Punk 1512Punk 1514Punk 1561Punk 1563Punk 1567Punk 1595Punk 1596Punk 1607Punk 1612Punk 1616Punk 1620Punk 1628Punk 1645Punk 1672Punk 1678Punk 1693Punk 1707Punk 1714Punk 1716Punk 1717Punk 1719Punk 1733Punk 1742Punk 1747Punk 1754Punk 1758Punk 1761Punk 1769Punk 1776Punk 1803Punk 1804Punk 1815Punk 1818Punk 1820Punk 1823Punk 1849Punk 1860Punk 1867Punk 1870Punk 1873Punk 1887Punk 1906Punk 1917Punk 2001

What is a CryptoPunk?

The CryptoPunks are 24x24 pixel art images, generated algorithmically. Most are punky-looking guys and girls, but there are a few rarer types mixed in: Apes, Zombies and even the odd Alien. Every punk has their own profile page that shows their attributes as well as their ownership/for-sale status (here's an example).

What exactly is going on here?

Cryptocurrency was made famous by Bitcoin, but Bitcoin is designed just to transact and store ownership of Bitcoin itself. We are using a successor to Bitcoin called Ethereum which allows for arbitrary computer code to be executed on the blockchain and the results of the execution to be stored forever. This is pretty cool! Normally code is run on a server somewhere and you basically need to trust the person running the server. Ethereum lets everyone execute the code, show each other what result they got, and agree that the code was executed properly and fairly.

We have written code that lives on the blockchain that anyone can use to buy and sell Punks with anyone else in the world. An interesting aspect of this system is that we no longer have any control over the code running CryptoPunks! Once we released it onto the blockchain it became permanently embedded there and can no longer be modified by anyone. This is scary for us as developers because we worry about bugs, but it is also a very powerful feature of the system. It allows a user verify that there are indeed only 10,000 punks, check that we can't steal them from you, and basically make sure that everything we told you about the code is true.

How do I get a Punk?

  1. Download and install a Chrome browser plugin called MetaMask. This will allow websites (that you authorize) access to your Ethereum account.
  2. If you made a new account, buy some Ether. The MetaMask plugin has a button that will allow you to buy Ether from Coinbase.
  3. Once you have the plugin installed, this website will recognize it and add buttons that allow you to bid on, buy and sell punks directly in the interface.
  4. For example, you can buy Punk #7354 for 50.99 ETH ($94,171.39 USD).

Details and FAQ

  • Where are the images for the punks stored?
  • When originally released, the actual images of the punks were too large to store on the blockchain, so we took a hash of the composite image of all the punks and embeded it into the contract. You can verify that the punks being managed by the Ethereum contract are the True Official Genuine CryptoPunks™ by calculating an SHA256 hash on the cryptopunks image and comparing it to the hash stored in the contract.
  • Since then, due to some clever compression ideas and some help from friends of the punks we have managed to put the entire image and attribute data fully on chain. You can read more about the mechanisms and details of the process in the announcement blog post.
  • Are the punks an ERC-721 token?
  • No. The CryptoPunks pre-date the ERC-721 standard and are a custom contract, that means it doesn't comply with any standards. They are almost an ERC20 token. We support the methods that provide your balance so you can watch CryptoPunks as a token in your wallet and see how many you own. None of the other methods are the same since you're not transferring a simple balance, but need to reference which specific Punk you want to work with.
  • Where does the market data on this site come from?
  • The prices, bids and sales you see on this site are loaded from the Cryptopunks contract on the Ethereum blockchain. Because the Cryptopunks pre-date the ERC-721 standard (and all third party NFT marketplaces) we also needed to write a market so the punks could be transacted. We have no control over the contract governing this market, and have no access to any additional data beyond what the blockchain provides. In fact anyone else could write a web front end for it.
  • Do you charge any fees for transactions?
  • No. We charge no fees for Cryptopunks transacted through the built-in market beyond the ones charged by Ethereum (gas).
  • The contract source and more technical details are available on Github.

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